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An Ode to the 90’s


Matte mauve lips. Seafoam green nails. Portable cassette tape player in the pocket of our overalls fastened only on one shoulder as Ace of Base streams through our earbuds.

Yeah, we were the generation of cool.

It’s a funny thing to watch trends resurface. I never imagined the day when the ’90s would re-emerge as a time of my life that I would look back on with nostalgia. The summer days spent with my garage door propped up after school, enjoying every last ounce of light before all the kids in the neighborhood would get called in by their moms to have dinner. Waiting by the stereo and listening closely for the commercials to end on the radio so that you could hit the record button when your favorite song would come up.

In the townhouse complex where I spent my youth, often times the only kids I had access to play with were the other kids living in the same complex. As if by some unspoken agreement among parents, all of us would have our garage doors open to face one another at the same time every day. The end unit across from us always had the jams streaming from a giant boombox, drowning out the traffic from the street above and locking us into our own world where the only thing that mattered was who was up next to kick the ball.

This is my ode to our years of youth.


Blend This Trend

Products used to re-create this 90s-inspired lip (listed from bottom to top):

MAC Lustre in ‘Hug Me’ – a subtle, fleshy pink that gives a fresh take on the OG matte lip version (optional for a little added pout in the center of the lip)

MAC Lip Pencil in ‘Hover’ – for added depth and definition, fill in the corners of the lips

MAC Lip Pencil in ‘Subculture’ – anchor in that classic matte lip by blending out towards the corners for a subtle transition

Mally Evercolor Lip Magnifier – a touch on the cupid’s bow for that youthful glow we love oh-so much

The mandatory playlist to doll-up to (singing along is highly recommended):

Photograph in header by Yves Huy Truong. Makeup by Christina Asai.


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