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Fresh Finds in Seattle


Inside the charming and rustic interior of LUCCA, Seattle. Source LUCCA.

I love traveling. Being a native Southern Californian, I’ve grown acclimated to having a consistent temperature year-round which in turn requires little adjustment in my skin care routine, apart from a little added comfort and hydration during stressful times of the year.

Upon returning home from a trip to Seattle, I was reminded of how the environment affects our skin. Between shielding us from pollution to changes in climate, the skin has a demanding full-time job with no days off! Bearing this in mind, did you know it takes approximately 28 days for new cells to be generated to replace old ones?

So why does any of this matter? You don’t have to dwell in 365 days of sunshine to benefit from taking preventative measures to protect your skin from pre-mature aging. During my week-long stay in Seattle, the sun came out to visit for all of half an hour on one day, but during the remainder of the week it was raining cats and dogs (on a side note: who knew the origin behind the saying?). Even with the sun tucked behind the clouds, I still managed to get sunburnt, which left me with itchy, dry, and irritated skin for the rest of my visit.

Desperate to remedy the situation without spending an arm and a leg, I wandered into the local streets of the neighborhood where I was staying to find a local beauty parlor where I could (hopefully) seek out the advice of a local dweller on commonly available treatment options.

Tucked away between the charming streets of Ballard I discovered a little gem of assortments called LUCCA. Inspired by the Parisian salon stores of the ’20s and ’30s, this magical store regularly lures in passerby’s with its intricate window display adorned with chic chandeliers and a myriad of whimsical trinkets. Time stood still as I danced between shelves playing house, taking in every delicate handcrafted card and scented candle.

Perhaps the giant red poncho tangled between my legs gave away my oh-so discreet LA vibe, as a very gentle voice approached me from behind the counter to inquire about my “need for assistance”. No sooner than I could say “yes”, I was greeted by a beautiful display of tiny colorful bottles with names on their labels that I couldn’t pronounce…

The line belonged to a company called Herbivore Botanicals, founded by husband-wife duo from Seattle. Perfect! Surely these two might know a thing or two about living in this climate. After about an hour of sniffing and testing different scents up both arms, I decidedly walked home with their facial oil ‘Lapis’. I’m looking forward to sharing my review with you in a future post.

In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming about where to plan my next excursion to…any ideas?



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