Product Review

Ready in 5 with MAC Mineralize Shadows

Between traveling back and forth to Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, I have just about given up on keeping track of the time (thank goodness for the auto-adjustment on my phone) and emptying my suitcase. Despite being home, I have continued to live out of my travel bag as it feels easier to have everything designated to one place at the end of the day.

To minimize the stress, I prefer to keep things super simple when it comes to my makeup routine. Simplify that by half the amount of products I use for my routine and oui-la! You’ve got my travel stash.

Last week I attended my first week-long family reunion. You know that feeling of nervousness when you’re about to head into your first date? That was the closest to what I could describe in the days leading up to it.

The trip was jam-packed with activities, with back to back dinners that we barely had room for after lunch to a fun but oh-too-short get together with my dear friends on the upper west side. Most evenings I had 5 minutes or less to freshen up, so to reduce the chances of things going awry, I stuck with the same look for my makeup every day. Boring? Yes. Efficient? Most definitely!

The look consisted of two shades from this gorgeous MAC Mineralize eyeshadow quad I received as a welcoming gift from my dear cousins. I was so surprised and excited to try out the new shades. Is it just me, or does making the first swipe of a shadow feel like a big commitment for anyone else? Especially when they have such lovely patterns engraved on them…

My overall impression: The pinkish-purple color (lower left of the quad) went on lighter than the way it appeared in the pot since I opted not to use a base to save on time, and applied the powder dry. The light sheen wore well during the daytime but began to run into my lower lash line as the night went on. Thankfully the light shimmery sheen passed as deliberate and was faint enough to not appear like a mistake. Altogether the texture was smooth and very easy to use, which leaves me curious to see how it will wear when applied as a wet formula.

Pairs well with: Combined with a trial-sized mascara from Chanel (perfect for taking on trips) I topped off the look with a dab of Chanel tinted moisturizer to keep my skin looking fresh (skipped the powder) and Burt’s Bees chapstick for a quick lip quencher.

Shop the look below:

On the Go Travel Essentials

What are some of your favorite go-to’s while traveling? I’m excited to hear your suggestions down below as I’m always looking to made new additions in exchange for old staples.

Stay tuned for a review of my favorite fall staples next week!

Featured image source courtesy of Unsplash

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