Fall(-ing) For Brown

Through the window of my bedroom, I observe as the Japanese maple tree obediently transforms from its lush green layers into a warm ruby-red speckled parade of colors; it’s texture inevitably trickling down to my palette, bringing waves of inspiration and nostalgia for this time of year. 

Lifting off the cover to a plastic bin that once served as a home to my beloved shoes before makeup became my prized possession, I discover unopened boxes of lipsticks (to what fairy godmother I owe this to is just as much a mystery as the one who stole my last tooth from beneath my pillow). Have you ever experienced a moment of such detachment from an experience that you could swear it was as if someone had snuck into your dreams and snatched it?

With my newfound gems in hand, I recollect memories of rich chocolatey mahoganies, creamy caramels, and gold accents that reigned the runways in late 2012. Feeling somewhat amused and comforted by these old familiar friends, I am once again inspired to recreate one of my  combinations: a velvety-smooth dark cherry colored coat, layered atop a spicy cayenne red. Sounds to me like the ideal recipe for a fall dessert! 


Photography by Jenn Collins

Photographer: Jenn Collins

Model: Christine Adams

Makeup: Yours truly, Christina Asai

Created using the shade ‘Java Jolt’ by L’Oreal as a base (aren’t drugstore bargains the best?).

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