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A Look Fit for a Queen

In my recent visit to the Tournament House, home to the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, which oversees the annual Rose Parade®, I had the special opportunity to go backstage into the private dressing room of the Royal Court. 


Tournament House, Pasadena, Source:

My senses ran wild as I stepped into a foreign world of plush, velvet cushions and walls lined with immaculately embroidered drapery.


Entrance to the Pasadena Tournament House, Source: Hometown Pasadena

Cautiously making may way around the room to avoid knocking over anything delicate, my eyes fell upon what looked to be the most prized possession of the room: a rich collection of albums encompassing an evolution of royal beauty over the last 98 years.

The styles reflected the lifestyle of the women adorning the crowns at that time, beginning with the bold and bare faces of the early 1900s, which personified the then-focus of beauty in adornments such as the headpieces shown below.


1906 Royal Court, Source: Tournament of Roses

Subtle simplicity took a leap in the years that followed, where we then observed a contrasting burst of richly colored lips and pencil-thin brows made iconic by the period of the 192os.


1929 Rose Court, Source: Tournament of Roses

A softer, more feminine selection of pinks in lips and cheeks made an appearance in the 1940s.


Source: Tournament of Roses

With matching purses and hats, and pearly white teeth fit for the front page, they sure knew how to turns heads in the 50s!


Source: LA Times

Doll-like lashes and winged-liner, favorites of the beloved Jackie O’ alike, were a must-have in the 60s.


Source: Tournament of Roses

Can you hear the disco music playing? The vivid shades of clothing simultaneously made their way into eye colors, such as this iconic turquoise and canary yellow. Heavier emphasis on the flares and volume in hair complimented the beloved bell-bottoms of their time.


Source: Tournament of Roses

Softer eyes and fuller brows accompanied oversized hair (and sleeves!) in the 80s.


Source: Tournament of Roses

A return to a once-more natural look, perhaps with a MLBB lipstick, made its resurgence in the 90s.


Source: Getty Images

Stay tuned for my upcoming review on the most-obsessed-about beauty product from the Royal Court’s sponsoring beauty advisor, Estée Lauder!

Source Header Image by Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

2 thoughts on “A Look Fit for a Queen

  1. This is such an enjoyable post to read. It takes us on a walk through memory lane of the rich history of clothing and makeup styles for the Royal Court of the Pasadena Rose Tournament. I can’t wait to read the upcoming post on the beauty prouduct review of this year’s Royal Court.


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