Beauty Talk

IE Tran On Empowering Women Through Fashion


IE embodies the definition of positivity. You simply can’t resist her contagious smile as she speaks.


Our featured guest on the blog, IE Tran is the owner of HER REDEFINED and the apparel and accessories line, PRZM X.
Join us in this episode for an inspiring conversation about overcoming obstacles, defining life beyond the “dash”, and finding your true potential.

“Every time I learned a new lesson myself or gained a new realization about myself or the world around me, I would share it by creating a post. So each post holds a special reflection of what I was going through at the moment in time.” – IE Tran, creator and owner of Her Redefined

Click here to learn more about PRZM X, the apparel and accessories line with a mission to empower the progressive woman from within.
Stay up to date with IE on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her must-read blog here.
Thank you for joining me in today’s episode on Blend This Trend. If you enjoyed it, please leave a review in the comments and let me know what topics interested who you’d be interested in hearing about for our future episodes.

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