Halloween Make-up: Flapper Chic


Source: Flapper Girl

Seeing the circulating images on Pinterest flooding onto my feed got me to thinking, why not take the opportunity to revisit some classic looks – beginning with one of my favorites, the Flapper Girl. As I dug through my archives of client work, I couldn’t help but find myself down the rabbit hole of inspiration clips I had saved in my book over the years to recreate this iconic look. In the spirit of celebrating this festive season and the powder trail that led me to where I am today, I think it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on a few interpretations and to share what would otherwise remain in my private archives never to see the light of day. (Thanks to Facebook, we’ll probably never have to worry about missing another “Remember the time when…” moment, but let’s save the walk down memory lane for the good stuff, shall we?)

The theme of the Roaring ’20s seems to make a resurgence every year in some form with a slight twist. Whether it’s putting a modern spin on the iconically pencil-thin, downwards arching brow, or a more sultry smokey-eye, such as this one sported by Katy (below), the combinations make for a refreshing take on a classic look. It’s almost quick to miss at a glance, but do you notice the way the purple undertones in her hair are incorporated into her eyeshadow? I love how the artist chose a warm, matte brown shade for her lips with orange undertones to not overpower the glam look, which can easily get heavy with a short bob and darker hair/brows. Nor does the color and finish distract from the shimmer in her gown or headpiece, but rather keeps you drawn to her eyes.


katy perry flapper

Source: Sina

By using more golden hues, and keeping the eye space light with flesh-tone colors, Aguilera’s artist keeps the look from being too heavy and instead leaves the talking to the eyes and lips by utilizing the band from faux fluffy lashes to define the upper borders of her eyes to offset the more dramatic dark hue of her lips. The softly defined lip shape gives a feeling of what feels to be effortless, yet refined. One thing that stands out most to me in this look is how the artist chose to keep her brows at a minimal – sort of a there, but not there look that lets you know they are doing their job, without being a distraction to the hairline or conflicting with the eyelashes.

aguilera flapper

Source: StyleBistro

There’s a reason for the saying – the brows are the windows to the face (case and point here). The shape of a brow can make or break a look. In this case, it looks as if the artist decided to stay true to Aguilera’s natural brow shape. It also appears that the color in her brows may contain hints from her bronzer, which is a nifty little trick that us artists use to help bring the otherwise separate structures together with the rest of the face.

drew flapper girl

Source: fashionising

This soft look on Drew has to be one of my favorites, simply because of how perfectly it suits her impossible-not-to-love demeanor. The softness of the pearlescent shadow and the not-overly done highlighter on her nose and cheeks, with just a hint of a peach blush make for such a fitting glamour that feels as if she just walked off the stage from a performance.

To create the look below, I drew inspiration from Katy’s more dramatic shadow. To amp up the glam another notch for the purpose of the look the designer desired, I topped the eyes off with a band of rhinestones. Appropriate for every day, most definitely not, however, in the spirit of Halloween – absolutely.


IMG_3047For the lips, I chose to go with a slight more curved cupid’s bow, to emulate the style of the era. Nothing overdrawn, but just a little oomph to give them attention.


Let’s talk about blush.

I’ve always had a mixed relationship with blush, to be honest. When I was just starting out, I had no idea how to use it to its full potential, and was pretty frightened after witnessing just how quickly one could go from looking sun-kissed to clownish. I stuck with powder blushes for years before making the jump to cream blushes. All it took was a bridal seminar, where I observed an artist using a cream blush on the model (I am pretty sure it was Make Up For Ever’s HD cream blushes that had just launched at the time), and I was sold.

Looking at this photo now, in hindsight I would have blended the color a bit more. Luckily for me,  out, most blush is hardly picked up on film unless you really pack it on. So here, to the more naked eye it looks pretty dark to me. But with the sun and bounce from the reflector, her blush turned out to be barely noticeable. *Phew!*

*A good tip to keep in mind: if you plan on taking photos – a little extra blush in the right places can give your face a healthy glow rather than the flat appearance that results from only using foundation.

Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and to read this post! I hope that you were able to gain some inspiration for your Halloween look.

Coming up…

Should I cover a fairytale character or a glamorous vampire look?

Which looks would you be interested in seeing? Leave me a comment below!


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