Hi there! Wow! You clicked on this page, which makes me feel pretty darn awesome.

I’ve never been one to enjoy talking about myself. It’s kind of awkward, isn’t it? But I suppose every self-proclaimed writer has one, so it’s only right that I fulfill my obligations. Sort of like how you bring a small gift to a host’s gathering. It doesn’t make you any less of a person to skip that part, but oh the voice of your mother might say differently. And so, here it is. Consider this my way of saying thanks to you for taking your precious time to stop by. (pauses for awkward smile).

How’d I get here in the first place? My journey into makeup began in 2010 as I was looking for an escape from the confinements of my monotonous university classrooms. I was pre-med, without a clue as to what else I’d do with my life up to that point. I never thought it would lead me anywhere, and it all began as really just a means of giving myself a creative space to experiment. So when fall arrived, I decided I was going to enroll in my local community college and take a weekend course in an introduction to makeup. Within six weeks, I gained exposure to the differences in application of makeup ranging from bridal to theatrical to cuts and bruises and aging. It was fun, sending pictures to friends and family of my fake bloody gashes and missing teeth. The challenge of working with a different face from my own made me realize that everyone has something special and unique to them – no two were ever the same. Quite the opposite end of the spectrum from monotony, to say the least!

There are still days where I pinch myself and ask, what is it about makeup that keeps me coming back, hungry for more? I’m a sucker for the Before and After’s, and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m the hardest critic of my own work. I live for the next opportunity I have to learn something and to push the boundaries of the way things are traditionally approached. Not to be a rebel for rebel’s sake, but rather for the why repeat what everyone else has already done aspect of it. I am no foreigner to the education system, and try to make it a point to break out of the mold – though I more often than not am unsuccessful at realizing how much of my thought process has been shaped by this system. For this reason, I love the nontraditional arts. Their very nature is rooted in a soil of disscontempt for the ordinary. Not to say that there isn’t beauty to be found or experienced in the ordinary. I would argue for quite the contrary, actually. But I think there’s something beautiful in the way each of us sees the world through our own unique set of lenses.

It’s my hope that along this journey of self-reflection and examination of the way we create that together in this space we will learn a little something more about ourselves and the way we approach this ever-evolving art. Join me as I guiltlessly indulge in fascination over my encounters with creativity and the admirable devotion of those who beckon to its calling.